Classics for All

Funded by the charity Classics for All, Classics at Leeds has established a regional hub to support Classics in existing state schools and to train new teachers to offer Classics for the first time. Since founding the hub in 2017, we have introduced Classics to 8 schools in the region and are working to grow a network of local Classics teachers in Yorkshire, in primary, secondary and further education centres.

We Offer

  • Grant writing to secure funds for training
  • Free enrichment workshops in schools
  • Free lectures in schools from our academics
  • Free on-campus talks and artefact handling sessions
  • Free on-campus events for teachers

We Believe

Classics thrives when it fits the culture of your school and the aspirations of your students. Whether you want to add Classical Civilisation or Ancient History to enhance your curriculum at GCSE and A-Level, or add a Classics Club on Latin or Greek as an extra-curricular, we visit your school to discuss what Classics course is best for you and your students.

Tour our resources and contact for more information.