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Explore Languages

What is Explore Languages?

Explore Languages is an outreach programme for KS3 students from backgrounds that are underrepresented at university, designed to ignite their passion for languages, highlighting the benefits of studying languages at GCSE and beyond. Running from November to February in the year that your students choose their GCSEs, Explore Languages is a targeted project hoping to inspire your students to continue their language learning journey.

[Explore Languages] has expanded students' awareness of the benefits of learning a language. With the opportunity to understand more about the University life – the students have been quite inspired


Privacy notice for 2023/24 and 2024/25

Applications are open from 17th June!

Applications for 2024/25 are open from 17th June and will close on Thursday 3rd October 2024.

Teacher Handbook

Read our Teacher Booklet to find out more about the Explore Languages project, including:

- Our aims
- Event information
- How to select students to take part
- Application information 
- How we choose the schools for the programme

What's included in the Explore Languages Programme?

A series of inspiring activities exploring the benefits of language learning and potential career options, as well as providing the opportunity to try out a brand new language, Explore Languages includes an in-school workshop, self directed poster-making task and a visit to the University of Leeds campus! Much of the programme is delivered by our Student Ambassadors and post-graduate students, drawing from their experiences as language students and sharing their journeys!

Nov-Jan: In-school Workshop 'Meet our Languages Ambassadors'

Our Ambassadors will visit your school to tell your students all about language learning at university, their journeys and experiences and the benefits of language learning.

January: Poster Development Task 'Developing Research Skills'

Your students will be provided with a recorded video, which will launch an exciting poster task that they will work on throughout January, and showcase at our taster day.

February: University Taster Day 'Explore our campus'

You will bring your group of students to the University of Leeds to explore our campus and facilities. Students will take part in a beginner’s language workshop, a conversation café to support their target language skills and showcase their posters in front of academics and current students!

Key Dates

We will work with you to select the best date to deliver the in-school workshop. The on-campus taster dates will take place on the following dates:

French Taster day - 5th February
Spanish Taster day - 12th February
German Taster day - 26th February