Explore Languages

Students showcasing their Explore Languages posters in 2020

Have you seen the numbers of students choosing languages for GCSE at your school declining?

Explore Languages is an outreach programme designed to ignite your KS3 students’ passion for languages, highlighting the benefits of studying languages at GCSE and beyond.

A series of inspiring workshops exploring the benefits of language learning and potential career options, as well as providing the opportunity to try out a brand new language, Explore Languages is delivered by our Student Ambassadors and post-graduate students, drawing from their experiences as language students, and sharing their experiences.

The workshops will be followed by an exciting competition, where students can showcase what they have learnt and compete to win prizes! The programme runs from November to February, at flexible times and dates to suit your timetable.

[Explore Languages] has expanded student’s awareness of the benefits of learning a language. With the opportunity to understand more about the University life – the students have been quite inspired

Explore Languages 2021/22

We have now recruited our schools for Explore Languages 2021/22! You can read more about the programme in our Teacher Booklet linked here which includes more information about the specific workshops, as well as the eligibility criteria.

Please email Lauren Barraclough on l.barraclough@leeds.ac.uk if you are interested in the programme, and you will be emailed if/when we open the programme to recruit more schools.