Explore History resources

Our Explore History Resource Pack is a series of videos designed to offer KS5 students a taster of studying History at university.

The package includes:

  • a taster lecture on the Cuban Missile Crisis, delivered by Dr Robert Hornsby
  • taster workshops on ‘What is a primary source and what can it tell you?’, ‘Did Medieval have a sense of humour?’ and ‘Medieval Coronation Ceremonies’
  • a recording of our Careers in History seminar, followed by a Q&A with our History Ambassadors, who answered all of our audience questions on student life.

Students can work through the videos in their own time, and will find themselves inspired by our academics and current students, learn new and interesting undergraduate content, and find out where a degree in history can take them in the future!

Fill in our short survey to access our resources - you will find the links to the videos at the end of the form.
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