Languages Resources

For Students

#Linguastars - Recorded Year 12 Summer School Package

We have created a package of undergraduate taster sessions for Year 12 students to give them a taster of life studying Languages at University. Find out more here.

Student Ambassador Profiles

Find out from our Student Ambassadors what it’s like to study Arts and Humanities subjects by reading our Ambassador Profiles.

For Teachers

What About...? Languages Resource Packs - Italian and Russian Taster Sessions

Our ‘What About..?’ Languages resource packs in Italian and Russian are designed to give students an introduction to languages and cultures which are less commonly studied in secondary schools. Find out more here.

Presentation - 'Because I study a Language...'

A presentation and poster pack for teachers to download, this set of fun and inspiring resources is designed to encourage students to think about the experiences and opportunities linked to language learning.

Teaching and Film and Literature

A resource pack which includes a collection of teacher CPD films and classroom aids for supporting those teaching film and literature as part of the French, German and Spanish A Level curricula.

Pre-Recorded Ambassador Talks and Activity Packs

Our Student Ambassador Talks for Key Stages 3, 4 and 5 are designed to inspire your students to progress in the Arts and Humanities at University and beyond…

Delivered with the option of a live session or a pre-recorded talk and activity pack, your students will hear the benefits of studying languages, their journey to University, explore potential career pathways and gain a unique insight into student life. Our interactive and engaging talks are delivered by our specially trained undergraduate students, and are perfect for transitional, key decision-making stages, including pre-GCSE and pre-A Level/BTEC options.

Online Courses: Introduction to Intercultural Studies

Online courses are a great way to gain insight into the subjects that you are interested in studying at university. The courses below are free, and have been created by academics at The University of Leeds.

Language and Culture

Explore intercultural communication by understanding the relationship between language and cultural identity through this online course.

Intercultural Contact

Learn how the principles of intercultural contact may challenge the way in which you think about social interaction through this online course.

Crossing Borders

Take a closer look at geographical and cultural borders and understand their effects on people who occupy them or cross them through this online course.

Defining the Concept of Culture

Understand intercultural communication by learning about the concepts of culture and interculturality through this online course.

The Branding of Culture

Learn how products move across borders and how branding problematically draws on narratives of culture and place through this online course.

Accessibility - Online Resources

We realise that some of the featured resources on our website aren’t yet fully accessible. We are developing a plan and will endeavour to resolve as many of the accessibility issues as soon as possible. If you require any resources in another format, please email