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What did you study at school and college?

At GCSE level, I studied Drama, Music, History, English Literature, English Language, Maths, RE and Core/Double/Triple Science. For A-levels, I studied Theatre Studies, History and English Literature.

What has been your favourite part of the course so far?

My favourite part of the course so far has been learning from current PhD students in the school of PCI. Being taught by someone who is both an academic and a student is great as it makes the course content more accessible.

Why did you pick to study at the University of Leeds?

During my year out, I visited a friend who was studying in Leeds and fell in love with the city. I got in touch with another friend who was studying Theatre and Performance at the University of Leeds and she said the course was amazing; we’d studied Theatre Studies together at A-level and loved it, so I trusted her opinion. These two factors made me want to apply to my course and to Leeds. Leeds also has a thriving parkour scene that I wanted to be a part of.

How is studying at university different to school and college?

It requires a lot more independent work (by this I mean that you have to design your own work timetable outside of university hours). It’s also a lot more fun! I think the most challenging thing about University is learning how to reference. Skills@Library has some helpful resources that have helped me though.

What do you do in your free time?

I work part-time for Joblink, the university’s job agency and part-time as a Leeds Loves Drama ambassador for the university. I am a member of the Pantomime Society and I train parkour in Leeds City Centre with the local parkour community.

What are your experiences of accommodation in Leeds?

My first-year accommodation (Central Village) was great. I opted for an alcohol-free ‘quiet’ flat, which meant that there was no disturbance from my neighbours when I was wanting to work or sleep. I got along with them really well and had a great first year in halls.

What are your top tips when applying for University? Is there anything you did that boosted your application?

My top tip when applying for university is not to rush it. I didn’t want to apply to university during college as I felt that I couldn’t take the time I wanted to properly research the different universities and courses available, whilst also completing my A-levels. I took a year out and ended up boosting my application with the things I had done in my gap year. I got my place at Leeds through the Access to Leeds programme, which aims to make university study more accessible to people from a range of different backgrounds. And if you do get a place, take it one step at a time. University is a big change but there’s loads of support to help you make the most of it.