Classics Competition

Our Online Competition for KS3 and 4

The Classics Competition has run for over 70 years at the University of Leeds, and is a celebration of Classics, Reading and Performance for young people studying classics, drama, english, and history.

The competition is a great opportunity to introduce classics to students not already studying it, highlight its links to other subjects and support their oracy/public speaking skills!

This year, we ran our usual face-to-face competition online. Students were invited to create a short film of themselves responding to our Category Briefs (have a browse of them below!).

The Classics Competition runs annually in mid-March. If you would like more information, or want to express your interest in the 2022 Competition, please email Lauren Barraclough at

Entries (and winners!) from the Classics Competition Online 2021!

Watch Olivia, our KS3 Drama Category Winner perform their piece about Hercules’ Second Labour: The Lernaean Hydra:


And here’s Zelong, and their entry for the KS3 Latin Category where they read The Midas Touch from Ovid’s Metamorphosis – winning 2nd place!

Last year's categories

KS3 Drama - Hercules' Labours Rhapsode Battle

A rhapsode would sing the stories of gods, heroes and monsters to his audience. Your task is to write the story of one of Hercules’ labours (in English of course, no Greek needed!) and make a film of yourself presenting it aloud!

KS4 Drama - Ancient Icons

Your task is to choose a key figure from the ancient world and argue why they are the #1 ancient icon. You can select a figure from myth or history but be prepared to showcase your research on their life and achievements. What makes that person special? What is their legacy? What sources will you use to show how important they are? This could be coins, statues, literature, artwork or their representation in modern films and TV shows.

KS3 Latin - The Midas Touch

Your task is to make a film of yourself reading the Latin text, The Midas Touch. How well can you show that you understand the Latin and make the story exciting?

KS4 Latin - Romulus and Remus

Your task is to make a film of yourself reading the Latin text, Romulus & Remus. How well can you show that you understand the Latin and perfect your pronunciation?

Read all about our Online Classics Competition in 2021 to find out how it runs!