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What we do

The award-winning Arts and Humanities Outreach Team delivers a diverse and inspiring programme of outreach and widening participation activities, mirroring the extensive undergraduate offering in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

The team works closely with academics, post-graduate researchers and undergraduate students in the Faculty to curate an outreach offer that showcases the importance of arts and humanities and their value to society. Our rich and varied programme encourages students to explore and analyse the world around them, as well as develop their critical thinking and creativity. Delivered by experts in their field, our activities will provide tasters of university study, information about how these subjects will support future careers, and insights from current students who are passionate about their degree subjects as they share their higher education journeys.

Many of our activities are targeted, so that we reach and support those students who are underrepresented at university in our subject areas, aligning with our Access and Participation Plan commitments to the Office for Students. Information on the impact of our widening participation activities and initiatives can be accessed in our Annual Report.

All of our events and resources are free of charge - all we ask is that you support us by completing the relevant evaluations so that we can continue to develop our activities and deliver to the highest standard!

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Keeping in touch

The Arts and Humanities Outreach Team is part of Educational Engagement, the schools and colleges outreach and widening participation office at the University of Leeds.

If you would like to receive information about our Arts and Humanities outreach events, please click here to receive our regular updates.